Saturday, 2 December 2017

Participation in Sporting Fixtures

With one event still to go, we have now had 76 pupils represent our school in at least one sporting fixture this term. 

Lily-Mai (Y6) has been the busiest making 4 appearances in four different events; cross country, athletics, football and rowing.

Taylor (Y5), Macey-Jayne (Y6), Corey (Y5), Max (Y6), Ollie (Y5), Eden (Y4), Harry (Y4), Noah (Y4), Mayzi (Y6), Colby (Y5), Tyler M (Y6), Amaleigh (Y6), Freya P (Y5), Samuel R (Y6), Luke (Y5), Owen (Y5), Jenson (Y6), Emerson (Y5) and George (Y5) have all made three appearances.


On Friday 1st December Estera, Jessica, Lily-Mai, Luke, Ben and Tyler M from Year 6 went to Skegness Grammar School to take part in a rowing competition.
After some warm up games, the first rowing event was a One Minute Challenge where each rower had to see how far they could row in one minute. Estera managed a very impressive 255m just pipping Ben's 253m to be the top individual.
The next event was a 10 stroke relay where each rower had to ten strokes before handing over to the next rower.
The final and deciding event was the 2000m team relay, where the 6 team members had to row a combined distance of 2000m. Our team completed the course in 9 minutes and 7seconds.

The final placings were:
1st Richmond
2nd Friskney
3rd Burgh
4th Woodhall St Andrews

Friday, 1 December 2017

Sports Hall Athletics

On Wednesday afternoon 35 children from Y5 and Y6 took part in an indoor athletics event at Skegness Grammar School. Each pupil took part in 2 of the 12 track events and 2 of the 12 field events.
Richmond 2 picked up wins in the boys over under relay and the boys javelin. They also claimed second places in; 1 + 1 lap (boys), 2 + 2 lap (girls), boys obstacle relay (boys), 4 x 1 lap relay (girls), and the chest push (boys).
Richmond 1 won the; 2 + 2 laps (boys), obstacle relay (boys), javelin (girls), triple jump (boys). They claimed second place in; 1 + 1 lap (girls), obstacle relay (girls), 6 lap (girls), chest push (girls), speed bounce (boys).

Final placings and points were:

1st Horncastle 1  140 points
2nd Richmond 1  124 points
3rd Alford            114
4th SJA                 114
5th Burgh               99
6th Horncastle 2    98
7th Richmond 2     91
8th Woodhall Spa  74