Saturday, 2 December 2017

Participation in Sporting Fixtures

With one event still to go, we have now had 76 pupils represent our school in at least one sporting fixture this term. 

Lily-Mai (Y6) has been the busiest making 4 appearances in four different events; cross country, athletics, football and rowing.

Taylor (Y5), Macey-Jayne (Y6), Corey (Y5), Max (Y6), Ollie (Y5), Eden (Y4), Harry (Y4), Noah (Y4), Mayzi (Y6), Colby (Y5), Tyler M (Y6), Amaleigh (Y6), Freya P (Y5), Samuel R (Y6), Luke (Y5), Owen (Y5), Jenson (Y6), Emerson (Y5) and George (Y5) have all made three appearances.


On Friday 1st December Estera, Jessica, Lily-Mai, Luke, Ben and Tyler M from Year 6 went to Skegness Grammar School to take part in a rowing competition.
After some warm up games, the first rowing event was a One Minute Challenge where each rower had to see how far they could row in one minute. Estera managed a very impressive 255m just pipping Ben's 253m to be the top individual.
The next event was a 10 stroke relay where each rower had to ten strokes before handing over to the next rower.
The final and deciding event was the 2000m team relay, where the 6 team members had to row a combined distance of 2000m. Our team completed the course in 9 minutes and 7seconds.

The final placings were:
1st Richmond
2nd Friskney
3rd Burgh
4th Woodhall St Andrews

Friday, 1 December 2017

Sports Hall Athletics

On Wednesday afternoon 35 children from Y5 and Y6 took part in an indoor athletics event at Skegness Grammar School. Each pupil took part in 2 of the 12 track events and 2 of the 12 field events.
Richmond 2 picked up wins in the boys over under relay and the boys javelin. They also claimed second places in; 1 + 1 lap (boys), 2 + 2 lap (girls), boys obstacle relay (boys), 4 x 1 lap relay (girls), and the chest push (boys).
Richmond 1 won the; 2 + 2 laps (boys), obstacle relay (boys), javelin (girls), triple jump (boys). They claimed second place in; 1 + 1 lap (girls), obstacle relay (girls), 6 lap (girls), chest push (girls), speed bounce (boys).

Final placings and points were:

1st Horncastle 1  140 points
2nd Richmond 1  124 points
3rd Alford            114
4th SJA                 114
5th Burgh               99
6th Horncastle 2    98
7th Richmond 2     91
8th Woodhall Spa  74

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Y5 & 6 Football

24 pupils from Years 5 and 6 went with Mr Mills, Mr Lill and Mr Grantham went to a very cold Skegness Grammar School on the 28th November to take part in a football competition.

Luke, Corey, Jenson, Carter, Ollie, Max, Samuel R & Emerson won all of their games without conceding a goal to claim first place overall.

Matty, Tyler M, Leyton, Owen, Bradley, Harley, Jakub and George finished in 3rd place.

Freya, Ryder, Brogan, Michael, Rio, Colby, Taylor. and Samuel K finished in 5th place.

Y3 and 4 Sports

Last week was a busy one for some of  our Y3 and 4 children with appearances in both football and sports hall athletics. On Wednesday 22nd November the following children took part in an athletics event at Skegness Grammar School;
Harry, Noah, Samuel, Maddox, Nyah, Boe, Sophie C & Sophie A made up the winning team in the Sportshall Athletics competition.

Our second team of Eden. Johnny. Frankie. Brooke. Sofia. Emily. Lily and Tia claimed sixth place.
The full results were:
Richmond 1 71
SJA 70
Woodhall St Andrews 58
Burgh 55
Alford 2 45
Richmond 2 39
Alford 1 35
On Thursday 23rd a Y3 team and a Y4 team took part in the indoor football at Skegness Grammar School.
The Y3 team of; Frankie, Cruz, Theo, Lewis, Jake and Jaydon battled hard and picked up lots of experience for future events. 
The Y4 team of Harry, Maddox, Owen, Eden, Noah and Johnny drew their first game and then won all of their remaining games to take first place overall. 

Sunday, 12 November 2017


Venue/Dates & Time
Teams entered
Sports Hall Athletics
Skegness Grammar School
Wednesday 22nd November 13.15-15.15
2 teams
Indoor Football
Skegness Grammar School
Thursday 23rd November 15.30-17.30
2 teams
Football (Outdoor-Astroturf)
Skegness Grammar School
Tuesday 28th November 15.30-17.30
3 teams
Sports Hall Athletics
Skegness Grammar School
Wednesday 29th November 13.15-15.15
2 teams
Skegness Grammar School
Friday 1st December 13.15-15.15
1 team
Change4Life Festival
Skegness Grammar School
Thursday 14th December 13.15-15.15
1 team
Indoor Football (Girls)
Skegness Grammar School
Thursday 11th January 15.30-17.30
2 teams

Football (Danone Cup County Finals) Y5/6
Wainfleet Road, Skegness
Saturday 28th January tbc
1 team

Football (Danone Cup County Finals Girls) Y5/6
Wainfleet Road, Skegness
Saturday 3rd February tbc
1 team

Girls Football

On Thursday 9th November, Lily-Mai, Macey-Jayne, Mayzi, Olivia D, Tegan, Amaleigh, Grace C from Y6 and Freya from Y5 went to Wainfleet Road Playing Fields to take part in the district round of the Danone Cup.
We played three matches. In our first game we defeated Friskney by 2 goals to 0. In our second game beat Willoughby by 3 goals to 0. In our final game we kept up our winning un by beating Chapel by 2 goals to 0.

The final table was:
1st Richmond
2nd Chapel
3rd Willoughby
4th Friskney

This means we are through to the County Round which will be held on Saturday 3rd February at Wainfleet Road.

Cross Country

A total of 36 children represented the school in the annual cross country event at Well Cricket Club on Thursday 12th October.
George was the winner of the Y5 boys race and Macey-Jane was victorious in the Y6 girls event.

Full details to follow

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Summer Term Fixtures

During a very busy and successful Spring Term we:
  • Finished as runners up at county level in both girls and boys football
  • Took part in county level dancing
  • Qualified for the Y6 quicksticks county finals
  • Won the district schools cross country event
  • Won the Y4 sports hall athletics event
  • Finished 2nd in the Y6 sports hall athletics event
  • Finished 3rd in the Y6 volleyball event
  • Participated in basketball (girls and boys Y5/6), sitting volleyball (KS2), quicksticks (Y4), sports hall athletics Y2 and hockey (Y5)

The following fixtures are planned for the Summer Term
20th & 27th April  4 - 6pm Y6 Hockey                     Skegness Grammar School

4th May    2- 5pm   Y3     Tennis                  Skegness Academy

5th May     1- 3pm   Y3/4  TriGolf                 Skegness Academy

26th May     tbc        Y5/6  Cricket                 Skegness Cricket Club

7th June    3-5pm     Y5/6  Cricket                 Skegness Cricket Club

8th June       1- 4pm     Y5/6  Rounders             Skegness Academy

15th June     3-5pm    Y5     Cricket                 Skegness Cricket Club

21st June  1-4pm      Y1/2  Multisports         Skegness Academy

28th June  2-4pm     Y3/4  Multisports         Skegness Academy

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Y2 & Y4 Athletics

On the final day of the Spring Term a team of Y2 children and a team of Y4 children took part in their respective Sportshall Athletics competitions at Skegness Academy.

The Y2 team of Cruz , Frankie , Torin , Kai , Lewis , Jake , Jayden , Ciaran , Jayden , Jacob , Chanel Fox, Tia , Princess , Jasmine , Emily , Erin , Destiny , Kiera , Anais  and Brooke finished in 4th place.

In the afternoon the Y4 team of Corey, George, Oscar, Damian, William, Owen, Emerson, Colby, Oliver, Faith, Freya, Libby May, Evie, Ruby, Scarlet, Freya, Imogen and Eva finished as winners in their age group.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Cross Country

After school on Thursday 23rd March 39 children went to Alford Cricket Club in Well near Alford to take part in a cross country competition.
The Year 4 girls were first to run. Eva was our first runner home in 10th, with Poppy 13th, Freya 23rd, Kelsey 36th, Ashlee 30th and Libby-May 53rd.
In the Year 4 boys race George finished 1st, with Corey 2nd,  Oliver 10th, Konrad 23rd, Oscar 30th, Emerson 36th, Colby 46th and William 70th.
Year 5 girls: Macey-Jane came in 1st, with Mayzi 5th, Madeleine 17th, Lexi 18th, Ella 19th and Lily-Mai 22nd.
In the Year 5 boys race Jenson was our first finisher in 6th place. Anthony was next home in 18th with Benjamin 29th, Tyler 34th, Charlie 35th and Ben 40th.
In the Year 6 girls Scarlet B was 3rd with Isabelle just behind in 4th, with Cloud 11th, Scarlett H 14th, Jessica 16th, Rhianna 19th and Lisa 22nd.
Finally in the year 6 boys race; Billy was 2nd, Tyler S was 10th, Jack 11th, Luke 12th, Evan 16th and Kiefer 19th.

Overall we finished first in the large schools team competition.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Y6 Quicksticks Festival

Two teams took part in this year's Quicksticks Festival at Skegness Grammar School on Wednesday 22nd March.

Representing 6S were Kiefer, Olivia, Mateusz, Scarlet and Aimee. Representing 6R were Ben, Tia, Freya and Isabelle plus Harry on loan from 6S.

Both teams got off to good starts winning their first 3 matches. 6R beating Friskney B, and Wainfleet, Hutoft B whilst 6S beat Partney, Willoughby B, and Hutoft A. 
6R won their 4th match against Woodhall A meaning both teams still had 100% records going into the lunch break.

It was at this point that the weather took a turn for the worse with heavy rain and a strong wind making an already cold day very uncomfortable.

6S lost their 4th match against Skegness Juniors.
After a short delay, it was decided to shorten the matches and play on through the weather.
6S then lost against Friskney but won against Woodhall B to finish as runners up in their group.
6R meanwhile continued their winning streak beating Skegness Junior A and Willoughby A to top their group with a perfect record of 6 wins out of 6.
6S then lost to Willoughby in the 3rd/4th place play off to finish in 4th place.

6R played Friskney in the final with a place in the county finals up for grabs. We took an early lead and had most of the chances but Friskney defended well and looked dangerous on the break. One of Friskney's counter attacks led to an equaliser and set up an exciting last few minutes. With time nearly up we managed to get a second goal and finish as winners by 2 goals to 1.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Y6 Volleyball

On Friday 3rd March two teams of volleyball players took part in a volleyball competition at Skegness Academy.
6R were represented by Tia M, Isabelle, Ben and Dalton.
6S were represented by Billy, Scarlet, Tyler S and Molly.

6S won all but one of their group games and finished second in their group. They went forward to a play-off for 4th, 5th and 6th. They won both games in this stage of the competition and placed 4th overall.
6R won all their group games and went into a playoff for positions 1 - 3. They lost their first play-off against Friskney but then defeated Burgh in their final game. Burgh then beat Friskney to put all three teams level on points so it was decided to go to total points scored and Burgh came out on top with Richmond 6R in 3rd place.

Y4 Quicksticks Hockey

11 children from Year 4 took part in a Quicksticks Hockey festival at Skegness Grammar School on the 8th March. A total of 20 teams took part.
Team 1 was Owen, Emerson, Luke, Freya, Libby-May,
Team 2 was Leyton, Oliver, George,  Scarlet, Maddie, & Kelsey 

Team 1 won 6, drew 1 and lost 2. They finished 3rd in their group and then won the 5th/6th place play-off to finish 5th overall.

Team 2 won 5 and lost 4 games. They finished 5th inn their group and went into the play-off for 9th and 10th, which they lost to be given 10th overall.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Sports Hall Athletics 10th February

On Friday 10th February a team of 19 Y6 pupils took part in the annual Sports Hall Athletics competition at Skegness Academy.
They took part in a total of 24 events (12 for the girls and 12 for the boys).
The events were:
Obstacle Relay - team of 4
1 lap + 1 lap pairs race
2 laps + 2 laps pairs race
6 lap paarlauf (pairs race)
Over & Under Relay - team of 4
4 x 1 lap relay
Chest Push (team of 3)
Standing Long Jump (team of 3)
Standing Triple Jump (team of 3)
Vertical Jump (team of 3)
Javelin (team of 3)
Speed Bounce (team of 3)

With a total of seven teams taking part and so many events happening it was difficult to know how we were doing but the organisers told us the overall lead kept changing hands and that it was very close between the top few teams.
Final Placings:
7th Skegness Junior Academy
6th Alford
5th Mablethorpe
3rd = Burgh and Woodhall
2nd Richmond
1st Horncastle

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Dance Competition

On Friday the 3rd of February, a group of children from years 4 and 6 all went to a dance competition at the Skegness Academy. The theme of the dance was The Lion King, in which Isabelle played the role of Simba with other children playing different animals from the film. The children danced to a mix of different songs from The Lion King 1, 2 and 3.
The teachers who made up the dance were:
Mrs R Sylvester
Miss R Rippin
Miss A Sampher
These teachers did the makeup and all the masks. The children left school at about 9:00 and were at the Academy for about 9:30. All of the children wore black clothes and masks with a high pony apart from Isabelle who had face paint and she also had her hair down and backcombed.
There were 7 schools in total, but 2 of them were not against us. In the end we came second with the Skegness Junior Academy coming first.
By Kaycee and Isabelle.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Girls' Football County Finals

Freya, Grace, Jessica, Olivia, Aimee, Scarlet, Tia, Rhianna, Isabelle and Molly took part in the County Round of the Danone ESFA Girls Cup.
Group A
Baston (Stamford District)
Long Bennington (Sleaford District)
Butterwick (Boston District
Birchwood (Lincoln District)
Group B
St Botolph’s (Grantham District)
Market Rasen (Market Rasen District)
Parish Church (Gainsborough District)
Richmond (East Coast)
We began with a 0 - 0 draw against a strong St Botolphs' who had beaten us in the final last year and were trying to win the competition for a third time in succession.
Next up, we played Parish Church. This was a very end to end game and we were a little unlucky to lose 2 - 1. 
Our final group game was against Market Rasen. As this was the last game in the group stages, we knew a victory by 2 goals would see us into the semi-finals. We began strongly and gained confidence from an early goal. By halftime we were leading 3-0 and went on to win by 4 goals to 0.
Group A
 Group B
 Birchwood 1 v 1 Baston
 St Botolph’s 0 v 0 Richmond
Butterwick 0 v 1 Long Bennington
 Market Rasen 0 v 0 Parish Church
Birchwood 1 v 0 Butterwick
 Richmond 1 v 2 Parish Church
Baston 1 v 1 Long Bennington
 Market Rasen 0 v 0 St Botolph’s
Birchwood 0 v 0 Long Bennington
 Parish Church 0 v 1 St Botolph’s
Baston 2 v 0 Butterwick
 Richmond 4 v 0 Market Rasen

Baston 5 points (GD+2)
Long Bennington 5 points (GD +1)*
Birchwood 5 points (GD +1)
Butterwick 0 points (GD -4)

*Long Bennington beat Birchwood in a play-off.
St Botolph’s 5 points (GD +1)
Richmond 4 points (GD+3)
Parish Church 4 points (GD0)
Market Rasen 2 points (GD-4)

As runners up in our group we had to play the winners of of the other group, Baston, in the semi-final. In a very exciting and entertaining game in which both teams hit the post we were able to score the only goal to book our place in the final.
In the other semi-final Long Bennington defeated St Botolph's by a goal to nil.
In the final both teams defended extremely well and kept chances to a minimum. At the end of normal time it was still 0-0 and so we went into extra time but still neither team was able to get a goal and so the match went to a penalty shoot out. It then took until the 6th pair of penalties to finally divide the teams with Long Bennington winning 3-2.

Dance Festival

On Friday 3rd February a group of children from Y4 and Y6 took part in a dance festival at Skegness Academy. They finished in second place

Monday, 30 January 2017

Boys' Basketball Tournament

On Thursday 26th January a team of boys from Year 6 took part in a basketball tournament at Skegness Academy.
The team was made up by; Tyler S, Kiefer, Mateusz, William, Dennie and Oliver.

Richmond 8 Wainfleet 0
Richmond 8 SJA 14
Richmond 2 Willoughby 16
Richmond 0 Friskney 20
Richmond 4  Woodhall 0
Richmond 4 SJA b 14

Final Placings
1st Friskney
2nd Willoughby
3rd SJA b
4th SJA a
5th Richmond
6th Wainfleet
7th Woodhall

Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Richmond School Girls’ Basketball basket a 3rd place! by Kirsten

Last night at Skegness Academy Kirsten, Tia A, Isabelle, Aimee, Molly and Lisa took part in a basketball competition. In the first match we smashed Skegness Junior Academy B, 12 points to 4. Unfortunately Isabelle injured herself in the 2nd minute of this game and had to not play the game.
Skegness Junior Academy A, were more competitive and unfortunately beat us 20 points to 10. They used their height advantage lots in this game as they had one player as tall as Mr. Ball!
The next match we played was against Friskney, another team of tall Year 6’s, and they just beat us 6 points to 2. This was a very low scoring game and both teams used their defence skills lots.
The last match played was against Woodhall Spa. Isabelle played the last game. We beat them by a big difference of 12 points to 4.
 In the end we came 3rd. The scores were:
1st: Skegness Junior Academy A
2nd: Friskney
3rd: Richmond
4th: Woodhall
5th: Skegness Junior Academy B

“My favourite moment was when I scored my first goal. I scored seven baskets altogether and I am really happy. It was so fun. I definitely want to play the sport again!” - Kirsten.


Girls Basketball by Isabelle

On the 25th January, the girls basketball team (Me, Tia A, Molly, Aimee, Lisa and Kirsten) went to a basketball tournament at the Skegness Academy. When we arrived I was very nervous but excited too.
The first game we played was against The Skegness Junior Academy team B. Unfortunately, in the first 2 minutes of the game I injured my little finger and it really hurt. After that the other team ended up beating SJA team B 12-4. I missed out on the next two games which were not very goods scores for us. Next was SJA team A, and they beat us 20-10. Watching and not taking part in the game made me really cross. Friskney then beat us 6-2, and that was the time when I was practising with one hand on my own. At the last game I joined in and we the beat them 12-4. I was very proud that I still got up and played at the end. Overall we finished 3rd which is good enough for me.

Girls basketball tournament report by Lisa

On Wednesday 25th of January Me, Isabelle, Tia Anson, Molly, Kirsten and Aimee took part in a basketball tournament at the Skegness Academy. We started walking up the academy at 3:00pm and we arrived there at 3:30 just before the tournament started.
 Our first match was against Skegness Junior Academy B. At the start of the match Isabelle unfortunately collected an injury on her hand. She missed most of the match, but was able to sit on the bench as we had an extra player. We won with an incredible victory of 12-4.
 In our next match (which was against Skegness Junior Academy A) we were doing so well before our break, before so long when they took over with a 20-10 loss for the Richmond school.
 Our third match was no better than the second match but we tried our best and against Friskney, we only lost by 2-6.
 In our final match we were against Woodhall. Isabelle’s hand was feeling a bit better and she was able to re-join the match and even managed an amazing one handed score! We were able to win 12-4 and left for home at 05:30pm.

Girls' Basketball

Isabelle, Aimee, Tia A, Molly, Kirsten and Lisa took part in a basketball tournament at Skegness Academy on Wednesday 25th January.
In our first match we played Skegness Junior Academy B. We won this game by 12 points to 4 but unfortunately Isabelle picked up an injury early in the game and missed the next 2 and half matches.
Our second game was against Skegness Junior A. We matched them for most of the first half but in the second half they made their extra height advantage count and pulled away to win by 20 points to 10.
Game 3 was against Friskney. This was a very low scoring game with both teams working hard on the defence. Friskney ran out winners by 6 points to 2.
Game 4 was against Woodhall. We got off to a fast start and led 10 -0 at half time. In the second half Woodhall came back at us but we finished as winners by 12 points to 4.

Final Placings
1st Skegness Junior A
2nd Friskney
3rd Richmond
4th Woodhall
5th Skegness Junior B

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Football County Finals

The school football team (Dalton, Harry, Ethan, Mckye, Billy, Jenson, Evan and Eythan) took part in the County Finals of the Lincolnshire Schools’ Football Association, U11 Danone Cup, School Team Competition on Saturday 21st January at Wainfleet Road, Skegness.

Taking part in the competition were the 8 district competition winners split into two groups:
Group 1
William Alvey (Sleaford district)
Parish Church (Gainsborough district)
Hawthorn Tree (Boston district)
Malcolm Sargent (Stamford district)
Group 2
Market Rasen (Market Rasen district)
Richmond (East Coast district)
Linchfield (Spalding district)
Saxilby (Lincoln district)

We began with a game against Market Rasen where a goal in the first 20 seconds helped to calm any nerves and set us on the way to a 3 - 0 victory.
Next up was Linchfield who had also won their opening game. This was a much closer game and we had to be at our best to run out 1 - 0 winners.
Going into our third game, against Saxilby, we knew that a draw would be enough to see us into the semi-finals but a defeat would see us miss out on goal difference. Once again we played very well and won by 2 goals to nil, securing top spot in our group in the process.

In our semi-final we played Parish Church who had finished as runners up in their group. We started strongly and were 3 goals up by half time. This allowed us to try and save a little energy for the final and although Parish Church came back strongly we restricted them to a single long range goal.
In the final, we played Malcolm Sargent Primary who had also won their group. We went behind for the first time in the competition early on in the first half. However, we looked to be getting back into the match and created a few opportunities of our own before a goal in the dying seconds of the first half put us 2 goals down. In the second half we couldn't break through a strong defence and had to settle for second place.
Throughout the tournament the whole team displayed a high level of sportsmanship, determination and skill and should be proud of their efforts.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Sporting Fixtures Spring Term

Saturday 21st January                  09:15-12:30
Football (boys) Y5/6     County Final
Wainfleet Road, Skegness                 

Wednesday 25th January           15:30-17:30                        
Basketball (Girls)
Skegness Academy         Yrs 5+6 

Thursday 26th January                15:30-17:30                        
Basketball (Boys)
Skegness Academy        

Wednesday 1st February           14:00-16:00                        
Sitting Volleyball
Skegness Academy         KS2         

Friday 3rd February                     9:30 – 15:00            
Dance Competition KS2
Skegness Academy         

Saturday 4th February                  09:15-12:30                        
Football (girls) County Final
Wainfleet Road                 

Friday 10th February                   12.30 – 15.30         
Sportshall Athletics 
Skegness Academy           

Hockey League Yr 5                      16:00-17:30
Skegness Grammar School          
THURSDAYS        02.02.17, 09.02.17, 23.02.17, 02.03.17, 09.03.17

Friday 3rd March                         14:00-16:00                        
Volleyball Y5/6
Skegness Academy

Wednesday 8th March   11:00-16:00
Quicksticks Hockey
Skegness Grammar School          Y3/4       

Hockey League Yr 6          16:00-17:30
Skegness Grammar School         
THURSDAYS        16.03.17, 30.03.17, Term 5,  20.04.17, 27.04.17

Wednesday 22nd March            11:00-16:00                       
Quicksticks Hockey
Skegness Grammar School          Y5/6

Thursday 23rd March                  Times TBC                
Cross Country
Alford, Well                        Y4 Y5 & Y6

Friday 31st March                                    12.30-15.30                        
Sportshall Athletics
Skegness Academy                         Y3/4